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                                 Il Maestro  Alessandro Valtulini, dirige la Philharmonia Orchestra con le sue Sinfonie

                                                                                                al Cadogan Hall di Londra






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   This special concert in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The world premiere debut of the young Italian composer and conductor Alessandro Valtulini.

He conducts the Philharmonia Orchestra in a programme of his own

compositions including music dedicated to the English Royal Family,

     for Her Majesty the Queen,

     for HRH Prince Charles,

     for HRH Prince William.



        Riccardo Brunetti                

Personal Manager of Maestro Alessandro Valtulini          


Born: 24 February 1955

Nationality: Italian

Languages: Italian, English



Specialised in electronics as a technical operator of radio and television equipment for the

state-owned Italian radio and television station RAI (Radio Televisione Italia).

Received an arts degree in Rome focused on music, entertainment,

and a further degree at the Faculty of Humanities at the State University of Calabria.

Worked as a chief tecnician for RAI for 32 years at the Division of TV Production and Great


Published an essay on history, art, psychology, and religious anthropology entitled “La

Madonna e la Grande Madre" published by Feltrinelli Edition.

Currently the personal manager of ALESSANDRO VALTULINI whom he

believes has great potential as does his music. Has arranged two

interviews with Valtulini on the RAI and RAI International TV channel in

all the world regarding his World’s Premiere Debut in London with the

Philharmonia Orchestra.

The meeting with Maestro Alessandro Valtulini, in 2011, is a casual event.

Valtulini accepted to compose my book Opera "Pithagora".

An opera written and studied for a long time, in ten years.

A serious Opera, philosophical and historical text, the foundation of a

philosophical movement that he founded and inspired our Western world.

From the Roman Empire to modern states, inspired science and social orders

in the rules and laws.

He, as personal manager, organized the World's Premiere Debut of

ALESSANDRO VALTULINI with the Philharmonia Orchestra at Cadogan

Hall, presenting the young composer and conductor at the London

audience, classical music fans and music critics.

The World’s Premiere Debut’s concert has a special dedication to the

English Royal Family, especially to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

specially, presenting three Symphony Works : the Ouverture in D Minor

“ Mountbatten Windsor A.V. 26 for His Royal Highness Prince Charles of

Wales, the Ouverture in E Minor “ Imperial Victory” A.V.30 for Her

Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, and finally, the Royal Imperial Symphony Ouverture in F

Major “ The Duke of Cambridge” A.V. 31 for His Royal Highness Prince

William Windsor.




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