Composer and Conductor

                                                                   OFFICIAL PROGRAM OF THE WORLD PREMIERE DEBUT



                 Philharmonia Orchestra

                           Conducted  by  Alessandro Valtulini



           FIRST PART:

                                    OUVERTURE IN D MINOR  A.V. 26

                                    “Mountbatten Windsor”  (10 minutes)


                                   OUVERTURE IN F SHARP MINOR A.V. 28

                                    “FIA Formula One”  (10 minutes)


                                  GRIMALDI ROYAL MARCH IN B FLAT MAJOR A.V. 21 (8 minutes)


                                  MCLAREN'S CORONATION ANTHEM IN D MINOR  A.V. 27

                                   “Silver Arrow”  (2.50 minutes)


                                  VIOLIN CONCERTO No.1 IN B FLAT MAJOR  A.V. 20

                                   solist  Maristella Patuzzi  “For the Dudy” (15 minutes)


                                  OUVERTURE IN E MINOR A.V. 30

                                   “Imperial Victory”  (20 minutes)



                                                                    INTERVAL First half music time: 65.5 minutes





           SECOND PART:


                                       OUVERTURE IN C MAJOR  A.V. 34

                                        “Der Kaiser Von Kerpen”  (5 minutes)


                                      ROYAL IMPERIAL SYMPHONY OUVERTURE IN F MAJOR  A.V. 31

                                       “The Duke of Cambridge”  (30 minutes)





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